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Accu-Gage® Mini Dial Gauges

  • Durable steel case with polished brass bezel and 1-1/2" dial
  • Available with 3-60 psi scale or 3-160 psi dual range scale with psi and kPa
  • Designed to stay accurate
  • Excellent for all types of passenger vehicles
  • Lifetime warranty
Gauges have a full geared, precision movement with bronze bourdon tube. Unlike piston-plunger-type gauges, the bourdon tube movement is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.

Chrome Mini Gauge
Model# K60X
  • 3-60 psi
  • 1-1/2" dial
  • Push button valve bleeds air to desired pressure
  • Needle holds reading until released
Mini Gauge
Model# K60
  • For all cars and trucks
  • 3-60 psi
  • Chrome chuck
  • 4 Free chrome valve caps
Mini dial gauges are available with protective rubber gauge guards.

Over 80% of retail customers choose the gauge with a rubber guard when given the choice.